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FF Foundation Brush

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Blend your way to a stunning beat with our innovative, round-domed foundation brush. Designed for optimal performance, this makeup essential effortlessly applies foundation while giving your complexion a naturally gorgeous, second-skin finish. 

Why It’s Iconic
High-performance, professional-grade synthetic PBT fibers ensure seamless application and easy blending
●      Provides various levels of coverage 
●      Ideal for both liquid and cream formulas 
●      Sustainably made and socially responsible 
●      Vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free and AZO-free
  • Buff foundation onto skin using your preferred method of pressing or tapping motions. 

    1. Dispense a dime-size amount of brush shampoo onto brush fibers, then add water. 
    2. Swirl brush in hand or use a silicone polishing pad to distribute shampoo. 
    3. Rinse brush until water runs clean. Lay flat to dry.