Not just a makeup brand, our history

Fashion Fair
Beauty Manifesto

We. The backbone of entire worlds. The most brilliant of the night stars. The Makers. The Mothers. The Magicians.

We. The inventors of dreams. The tongues of hues. The shapers of yesterdays and tomorrows.

We. The melanin majestic. The prettiest things. Black Women.

We. Dusted in ancient gold. Draped in destiny. Faces of the truth and faces forever of the most beautiful light.

An American beauty icon

Founded in 1973 by the incomparable Eunice Johnson, Fashion Fair was the first international prestige cosmetics brand for darker skin tones sold globally in stores from Neiman Marcus to Printemps. The brand broke racial barriers in business, and boldly established a new affirmation of Black beauty.

Where we are now

Today we're creating innovative and modern products infused with natural ingredients hand-picked by our product development team, renowned dermatologist Dr. Caroline Robinson, and Celebrity makeup artist Sam Fine.

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