February 10, 2022


Global Makeup Ambassador Sam Fine shares his signature “Fine Face”, a ready-in-minutes look using his favorite Fashion Fair products.

Want a ready-in-minutes look you can always rely on? Us, too. So we turned to our Global Makeup Ambassador, the legendary Sam Fine, to learn how to create his signature “Fine Face”.  Check out his effortless how-to, then watch as he transforms our Global Brand Ambassador KiKi Layne with his favorite Fashion Fair products.

Global Makeup Ambassador Sam Fine is no stranger to Fashion Fair. He became immersed in the brand many years ago, and has since be- come one of the world’s most sought-after celebrity makeup artists, working with icons like Cynthia Erivo, Gabrielle Union, Queen Latifah, Vanessa L. Williams, Jennifer Hudson, Tyra Banks, Iman and Naomi Campbell. His groundbreaking work has appeared on the covers and pages of iconic magazines including Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar, Essence, Vibe and Marie Claire, and he was chosen as the first African-American spokesperson for Revlon and Covergirl Cosmetics.

 Since his early days at the beauty counter, Sam has made it his mission to show women how to accentuate their unique beauty by using colors and shades that best complement their complexions. He’s helped clients in all walks of life learn how to apply makeup and achieve dazzling results. Sam is also known for his Signature “Fine Face” — a ready-in-minutes look created with his favorite Fashion Fair products. Learn how he applies this effortlessly gorgeous look in just a few steps.


fabulous Skin Serum Step 1:
Prep and prime your skin with the FF Fabulous Serum to even skin tone and texture and boost radiance. This will help minimize the look of pores while ensuring seamless makeup application.

Step 2:

Dab a thin layer of FF Crème to Powder Skin onto the face for a silky, elegant, second-skin powder finish. The result is a bright, smooth, makeup-ready complexion.

Crème to Powder
FF SKINFKEX Stick Step 3:

Apply FF Skinflex Stickwith an applicator sponge for an amazingly lightweight, medium-coverage foundation. Select a shade 1-2 shades lighter than your skin tone and tap onto the high points of the face, and areas you want to brighten, like the cheekbones, eyelids, tip of the nose and across your Cupid’s bow.

Step 4:

Tap and blend FF Set It Loose Powderto set your makeup with a non-cakey, transfer-proof, matte look. This luminizing powder blocks oil, locks in moisture, and gives the skin a soft-focused, filtered effect that doesn’t compromise your skin tone. If you want to keep your glow, only set the center of your face. To highlight your undereye area, set underneath the eyes in a slightly lighter shade.

Set It Loos  Powder

Iconic Pressed Powder

Step 5:

Instantly set your makeup with the FF Iconic Pressed Powder. When selecting a powder, Sam suggests choosing a shade 1-2 shades darker than your skin tone to set your contour, create dimension and accentuate your angles.

Step 6:

Complete the look with FF Iconic Lipstick for a decadent, head-turning pop of color. Sam loves a bright lipstick color for this look, like Rebel or Pure Plum.

FF Iconic Lipstick



Ready to create your own "Fine Face"? Check out our SHADE FINDER to select your perfect shades.

For reference, here are the shades Sam used on KiKi:


FF SkinFlex Stick in Suede Silk (conceal/highlight)

FF SkinFlex Stick in Chocolate Darling (complexion match),

FF SkinFlex Stick in Cherished Cocoa (contour).


FF Set It Loose Powder in Warm Sunrise (highlight)

FF Set It Loose Powder in Haute Hickory (complexion match)

FF Iconic Pressed Powder in Sultry Sepia (touch-ups)


FF Iconic Lipstick in Coy



5 Responses

Patrenia Werts Onuoha
Patrenia Werts Onuoha

April 13, 2022

Fashion Fair loved me first!! I started wearing makeup at age 14 and FF was there for me when other brands ignored my existence. Cousin Elaine was so beautiful and FF was her go to. The FF Fashion Shows we looked forward to every year before I relocated to West Africa. I wonder what it would take to bring you here?? I would love to be able to Buy Fashion Fair No. 1 Cologne!! please bring that back. I am mid 50’s now, looking 30-something so I am fired up to see FF relaunch and do the DARN Thing!!

Mona odusola
Mona odusola

April 13, 2022

Loved fashion fair products introduced my daughter to it the product serum,cream to powder

Jan Smith
Jan Smith

April 13, 2022

Since I loved your Confidence lipstick, what color would you suggest now based on your current colors? And is Skinflex basically a concealer?

Gwendolyn Khattab
Gwendolyn Khattab

April 13, 2022

What foundation substitute perfect finish (tender) And is there going to be a skin care line soon?


March 30, 2022

So glad you are back with all the products I have been wearing fashion fair since I was 18 I am now 67 I miss walking into stores all over seeing the signs I pray you will be around 50 more years I look forward to buying

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